Implementation Smoke Detection in The Forestry Inspectorate of Parczew

On 20th of February we implemented an automatic system of Smoke Detection in The Forestry Inspectorate of Parczew.

The main elements in a system are: a specialistic Smoke Detection software and Manta television system that uses Full HD cameras. The whole system is made of three cameras installed on observation towers. The picture is sent to PAD (Alarm and Disposition Point) of a Forestry Inspectorate. In PAD, a picture is displayed on screens and undergoes an analysis by our software. An Observer is immediately informed about smoke detected, which makes the job easier. Additionally, the system marks the place where smoke has been detected and saves the alarm. The only role the Observer has is to verify if the alarm is correct and to take proper actions.

Dodano: 2015-02-25 15:29:00
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