Asbestos service

In accordance with the government resolution of 2010 on the National Programme for Elimination of Asbestos in the years 2009-2032, it was necessary to create an inventory and gradually liquidate asbestos products. For this reason, in order to make society aware of the issue, the Asbestos Information-Educational Service was founded.

This is an analytical map service which allows the user to localise, view and analyse selected asbestos products. So far, 3 such services have been created for the borough of Susz, and the towns Opole and Milanówek. Each of these possesses 4 tabs in the main panel which allow fast and easy navigation around the service:


This function enables users to view the given administrative area on one of 3 possible map underlayers: orthophotomap, topographical map and OpenStreetMap. Its main function is to identify asbestos objects. After selecting a particular object we have access to photographs, the product, and information about it (administrative address, type and status of asbestos, surface area and level of urgency). The alternative version allows the user to filter the database available in tables of attributes. Every user of this level has the possibility to display in the map the layers after selecting them from the navigation panel. An additional function is the possibility to perform distance and surface area measurements as well as print out the map


This tab contains a collection of analyses performed for the given administrative area with regard to the urgency of removing the asbestos products, buffer zones connected with the toxicity of the asbestos, available places for storing the asbestos, and the distance from public utility places. This function facilitates the definition of the degree of threat and the main clusters of asbestos in the area under analysis.


Allow the creation of documentation at urban or municipal level with regard to the current state of occurrence of asbestos products in a given area. This function allows the generation of summary reports or detailed reports on the basis of the categorisation of the type of products, state of the asbestos sheets or the type of buildings. Detailed reports are characterised by the division into town districts or borough villages.


This tab contains the most essential collection of information and advice for owners of buildings covered in asbestos regarding its removal, storage, and the possibility of receiving a financial subsidy for this. It is also a reliable source of information about the current state of occurrence of asbestos on the basis of the inventories that have been carried out.
It is possible to test the functioning of all three services at the following addresses:

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