Dendroskop is an application designed for Android. Its task is to allow the user to make measurements in stands with the aid of a telephone or tablet with a built-in camera. A telephone with this application replaces the traditional instrument.

The program measures the cross-sectional area at breast height and ultimately the timber metrics using Bitterlich's method. During the measurement, the individual observations (diameter at breast height not fitting in the sights on the screen of the phone) are recorded according to species code in the memory and at the end, after completing the data on height, which can be entered or measured using the phone, the program automatically calculates timber metrics of individual species.

The measurement can be performed on only single areas without saving the results (quick measurement) or one can perform several measurements in the framework of one plot. In the second case, the data of individual measurements is saved in the memory and at the end the program calculates the average value of the whole of the plot. It is also possible to display a detailed taxonomic description of the tree stand created on the basis of the measurement performed.

The description contains elements such as: species composition, timber metrics, height, and after completing the information on age, also forest cover and grading of soil of individual species.



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