Forest Navi

ForestNavi is software for navigation on forest roads. The program was created for foresters who are responsible for fire protection as well as the Volunteer and State Fire Brigade.

ForestNavi software is a tool dedicated particularly to those users who want a quick way of finding the best route to a specific place in the forest. The software shows the route easily to a specific forest address, GPS coordinates or the place of a fire. Besides marking the route, the program navigates while the user is driving. ForestNavi was created so that all the functions can be operated with the finger, without the need of a stylus.

Forest navigation

After marking the route from one place to a second, the program continuously informs the user about the direction and distance to the nearest crossroads. This function of ForestNavi is similar to many car sat navs available on the market. What distinguishes ForestNavi from other similar tools is navigation on roads running through forest terrain (not only public roads), a wealth of information about tree stands, navigation to a specific forest address, as well as designation of and navigation to the place of a fire.

Support for the fire brigade

The map displayed in the program contains localisations and other information about all the objects related to fire protection. Besides the fire protection map, the user has built-in localisations of units of the Volunteer Fire Brigade and the State Fire Brigade. The information contained in the application allows continuous navigation to the place of the fire designated by the azimuths of the firefighting observatory GPS coordinates or after indicating the forest district. Additionally, the program shows information on the localisation of points of water supply, which significantly aids firefighting activities conducted by the relevant services.

GPS measurements

Besides offering navigation functions, ForestNavi also allows the user to make GPS measurements. The operator can perform point, line or polygon measurements. In order to increase the accuracy of the results, measurements can also be averaged.

A good program on good equipment

The application has been adapted to the Motorola MC65 mobile computer. The technical parameters of the equipment and the special service contract covering every item supplied with ForestNavi gives you the assurance of reliability and the best service guarantee. The MC65 mobile computer has been tested by many foresters in their daily work during work with the mLas Engineer application.

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