Data import:
  • Vector (ESRI shapefile, AutoCAD DXF)
  • Raster (GeoTIFF)
  • Viewing maps online (WMS, TMS)
  • Directly from Dropbox
Data export:
  • Saving data in ESRI shapefile format
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Dropbox, e-mail, saving data on a device
Working offline:
  • Downloading data for working offline (WMS, TMS)
  • Downloading OSM vector data (within the tCloud service)
  • Data exchange without an access to the network (NFC, Bluetooth)
Field measurements:
  • Creating measurements: point, line and polygon
  • Methods of measurements: manual, satellite, by using a laser range finder
  • Measurements in the most of the world’s coordinate systems
  • Integration of external GPS receivers and rangefinders
  • GNSS measurements (defining the source of the changes, cooperating with applications of receivers producers)
Working on layers:
  • Finding objects basing on attributes (filtering)
  • Adding and modifying attributes of layers
  • Adding photos, voice memos and movies to the attributes
  • Creating dictionaries within the text attributes
  • Advanced symbolisation of data (unique values, data classification)
  • Projects sharing with multiple users
  • Creating new projects on the basis of the existing one
  • Many projects on a single device
  • Unlimited number of layers in the project
Additional options:
  • Measuring distances and areas
  • Automatic reprojection of measuring layers
  • Navigating to the destinations

a. to a specified point,

b. to a selected object,

c. on the basis of the coordinates

  • Compatible with any GIS software

tMap - Export data, edit it in any GIS software, update it on any device.

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