tMap application increases the efficiency of field work by allowing you to skip the stage of the office work or reduce it significantly.
User’s own data on the device – an opportunity to own and edit data in different formats: vector, raster, WMS. Fast orientation in difficult terrain - the "Go to the point" funtion allows you to find a specific target point easily in the area.
The rich symbolisation of data – an ability to visualize data by using different symbols and colours allows easier identification of objects in the area.
Easy communication with co-workers - unique designs function allows to increase the speed of data transfer between workers and the office. Data updating happens at the time of sending it. A well-built design prevents errors made at the stage of conducting field measurements
Increased accuracy - an ability to connect external antenna and GNSS receivers.
An ability to customize applications for the clients’ needs - as software developers, we are able to add personalized, useful work modules dedicated to a specific customer.

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