We have developed an IT solution for all units that deal with forests but cannot use the State Forests IT System.

LasInfo is a full IT system which includes the applications LasInfo PC (installed on desktop computers) , LasInfo Timber Trade (installed on a mobile computer), hadnheld forest register, mobile printer, numerical map browser, and mobile GIS application. An internet connection is also required between the forest, forest lodge and the central unit. The implementation of such an IT system in the National Park results, for example, in the elimination of necessary work and the speeding up of other work.

LasInfo IT system is a professional tool for foresters dealing with the supervision of forest land – it allows them to efficiently manage the conservation, farming and economic processes carried out in the forests. This product is aimed at all units which employ foresters - national parks, experimental forest facilities, urban forests and even maritime offices.

The system includes the following:

1. LasInfo PC

The LasInfo PC program is the main tool of the whole system. It is installed in the office of the central unit as well as in every forestry inspectorate. The forester has the possibility to view the data concerning his forestry inspectorate, can edit the data, make additions to the data and supply data from the handheld register. Users working in the main building (e.g. the building of the park management) most often use the functions of the application that concern agreements, statements, reports, plans etc. The application to a great degree contains the same possibilities as the State Forests IT System, although it is less extensive.
The application covers the following activities:

2. LasInfo Timber Sales

The application is intended for field staff (foresters, second foresters). It serves to record timber sales and is installed in the handheld register.

3. GIS application – numerical map browser

A server application installed on the central computer using a common central database with the LasInfo system.
The GIS application has the following possibilities:

4. mLas Engineer Lite – map on a handheld forest device

The handheld device Motorola 9596 has a built-in GPS receiver, which allows the user to make full use of the possibilities of mLas Engineer Lite
Possibilities o mLas Engineer Lite:

5. Environmental monitoring

The environmental monitoring module allows the user to collect data on the living nature of a given area. The collected data is geometric data (coordinates of the occurrence of species and natural phenomena) and database data describing in detail the issue which is part of the element subject to the environmental monitoring.
System components:

Advantages of the LasInfo system

The first implementation of the system was in 2005 (in 2009 in a national park). The system operates at the moment in 6 national parks, experimental forest units, and urban forests. Implementation of the system in units in which it is currently functioning has brought significant benefits.



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