Laser discoverers

In December 2013 at the request of the Forest Research Institute we designed and created a web-based IT system publicly available as part of the project “Laser Discoverers – noninvasive research and documentation of archaeological and historical objects of Świętokrzyski Province”

The project was realised under the “Copernicus' tracks” program announced by the Minister of Science and Higher Education and with the support of the Marshal's Office of Świętokrzyski Province and the Board of Education in Kielce. In the project, researchers ask internet users to help in analyzing the collected LIDAR data (aerial laser scanning) from the area of Świętokrzyski Province. Under the agreement we prepared a website in ASP.NET, JavaScript, and HTML 5, in which volunteers can identify unknown objects of cultural and historical heritage.
Internet users identify areas which possess their own landscape sculpture characterised by a unique shape with archaeological features e.g. barrows, sites of settlement, and also battlefields. Thanks to the generation of samples in 8 variants of shading it is possible to rather accurately identify objects. Users have to assess the image from at least 3 samples before confirming the results. Each participant can keep track of their achievements and compare them with the achievements of other participants. The whole of the work will be included in a collective summary report and presented for publication by the staff of the Forestry Research Institute and the GeoHistory Foundation Centre.
Detailed information is available on the website

System components:

Management of data samples – clippings of areas of laser scans

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