Map of DPN

The map application is a source of information on the National Park and its tourist attractions.

The tourist-educational map of Drawa National Park is a modern application dedicated to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is available for Android (the most popular mobile device system in Poland). It enables users to obtain information on Drawa National Park and the surrounding area.

The tourist-educational map of Drawa National Park is a map application that makes it easier for users to move around the park. Thanks to the built-in directory it is easy to find data on fauna and flora as well as current activities aimed at protecting nature in the national park. The application is a source of information about tourist objects found on the territory of the national park.

The rivers where canoeing is allowed, tourist trails and educational trails are all marked on the map of the park. The application contains a database of interesting tourist points such as stopping places and points for picking up canoes, fishing jetties, educational noticeboards, viewpoints and objects forming part of the tourist infrastructure. Tourist objects are supplied with interesting descriptions and photographs.
The application was designed to operate in the field. The built-in colour filters improve the readability of the map in strong daylight and therefore enhance the value of using it outdoors.

The application can operate in online mode (permanent internet connection) or offline (lack of internet connection). The online maps are available with attractive underlayers consisting of aerial photos, topography of the terrain, and detailed OpenStreetMap maps. In offline mode the maps and tourist information about the Park that have been downloaded onto the device are available without requiring an internet connection.
Thanks to the use of geolocalisation, the user can track his current position on the map of his device. The application allows the use of the built-in GPS receiver as well as an external one connected by Bluetooth, which increases the number of supported devices. The current position on the map makes it easy to find and identify interesting tourist and educational objects nearby.

The application allows surface area measurements to be made as well as distances on the map, which helps the organisation of hiking and bike trips. Thanks to the “lead to point” function, the application is useful for navigating to interesting tourist objects. The destination point can be any place on the map. The function displays the direction and the distance to the selected point on the basis of the current GPS position of the user.
The application can successfully replace the traditional (paper) maps and guidebooks for the tourist. Unlike traditional guidebooks, the data on the mobile map is constantly updated, thanks to which the tourist has access to information and maps that are always up-to-date.
We also recommend this application for staff of the park, ecologists, and particularly tourists and all people who need to obtain information about Drawa National Park.

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