Particularly recommended

We particularly recommend the training titled: “Work with the numerical map using open and free software QGIS”

Learning to use GIS software under the watchful eye of a specialist gives the best results. During the professional training it is possible to learn much faster and already after a few hours of training it is possible to work successfully on practical tasks. The course covers the subject of OpenSource, and particularly the use of the application QGIS.

Training on the premises of your unit

Thanks to such a form of training, the interested parties can set the timing of the course to best suit them.

QGIS program installed on every computer

Trainees work on computers that they use daily. During the training issues concerning the equipment are clarified.

Scope of training consulted with participants

The subject is specifically tailored to individual needs. It is possible to modify the timetable of lessons according to suggestions of the course participants.

Training data obtained from the resources of your unit

By working on real data that comes from your resources, you can get acquainted with the real problems connected with the numerical map and the specificity of the terrain.

Training manual

Over the last two years, TAXUS IT has conducted over 60 basic and advanced training courses for this application. After this experience we believe that it is worth you having access to our knowledge also beyond the training courses. Every participant receives a manual, where in a very accessible form each issue connected with the numerical map has been discussed. At the end of each chapter there is a set of questions and exercises, thanks to which the participant can consolidate knowledge of individual modules during the course and after its completion.

Helpful QGIS plugin

During the classes the instructions help install the most useful plugins, e.g. Taxus IT's own solutions:
• mLas Engineer – plugin designed to quickly display ready-made map compositions based on data from the Numerical Forest Map. It also allows the user to browse descriptive data and print any fragment of the map with the use of ready-made print templates.
• mLas Engineer Foto – plugin designed to display photos taken while making measurements with the program mLas Engineer.

Online training

For your convenience we have introduced a new form of training – classes on the internet. These are conducted live and – like classroom training – allow trainees to actively participate in learning, even outside the company's premises and at a time that participants want to arrange. After completion of the course, participants receive access to the archive of training materials.

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