QGIS training for beginners

The training is addressed to people starting work with the QGIS program.

Suggested duration of training: 2 days

Training scope:

introduction to the subject of GIS (formats, data sources, data organization; coordinate systems and cartographic mappings),
introduction to the QGIS 3.X LTR program (map window, object properties, attribute table),
work with spatial data (WMS, vector, raster, tabular data),
digitization, creation and editing of vector data,
work with descriptive data - attribute table (editing, selection tool, basic calculations in the field calculator),
data processing using geoprocessing tools,
use of QGIS plugins in data processing,
visualization of vector and raster layers, methods of data symbolization on the map,
creating map compositions.

 Karolina Jaśkiewicz


+ 48 533 366 624

+48 (22) 824 59 02


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