Intermediate QGIS training

The training is directed to people working in the QGIS environment, who want to expand their knowledge and skills in working with spatial data.

The goal of the course is to familiarize participants with new technologies, which can positively affect the quality of their duties.

Suggested training duration: 2 days

 Training scope:

advanced vector data processing,
topological edition of vector layers,
searching for objects on the map based on their location - creating spatial queries,
advanced actions on the attribute table,
automation of the map creation process, serial prints,
calibration of scanned map sheets and their digitization,
ways of presenting quantitative data (charts, hotspot analyzes),
raster data analysis (NMT, raster image management),
batch processing, batch processing,
QGIS work automation - building data processing models.

For more information, please contact with:

Karolina Jaśkiewicz

+ 48 533 366 624

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