Smoke Detection

There are currently many different methods and tools for detecting fires. The appearance of a fire is particularly dangerous in places that are inaccessible, not easily discernible, and far from areas inhabited by people. State Forests is supported by people working on fire protection observatories or special fire protection cameras.

Observation of the image of a camera fitted on a fire protection post is very difficult and tiring, which is why in order to facilitate work in such a position the SmokeDetection system was created.
SmokeDetection is an automatic smoke detection system. The task of the tool is to analyze the current image from the camera in order to rapidly detect a potential fire. This technologically advanced tool is capable of identifying smoke and signalling the appropriate alarm just after its appearance.
By using SmokeDetection, the observer does not have to constantly observe the image displayed on the monitor. It is enough to verify the alarm reported by the system and then take the appropriate decisions.
SmokeDetection works in the background of the operation of the camera. The image from the camera can be simultaneously sent to a TV or to an appropriate computer. Thanks to this, no technical modifications to the current solution are required in order to connect the system to the existing infrastructure. SmokeDetection can work on a standard resolution image as well as on a Full HD image.
One of the most important features of the system is its application to Polish conditions. The advanced algorithm takes into account the specific character of the climate in Poland as well as the forests occurring in the country. During implementation of the system, the program is always adapted to the local conditions located directly by the fire protection camera. Thanks to this, we obtain a very low level of false alarms.

Main features


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