Sudetes - Beskids

In December 2013 we completed the implementation in the Forest Research Institute of the system created as part of the project “Creation for the Area of the Sudetes and Western Beskids of a forest information system for monitoring and assessing the state of the forest”.

The project covered 6 Sudeten forestry inspectorates: Świeradów, Szklarska Poręba, Bystrzyca Kłodzka, Zdroje, Międzylesie, and Lądek Zdrój as well as 6 forestry inspectorates located in the Western Beskids i.e. Bielsko (partly), Jeleśnia (partly), Ujsoły (partly), Ustroń, Węgierska Górka, and Wisła.

The IT project was part of a large research project conducted by the Forestry Research Institute at the request of the General Directorate of the State Forests. The main aim of the project was to collect, process and analyze as large a number of diversified data as possible on the development of threats to the spruce stands.

Aims and objectives of the project:

Modules of the system:

  1. PostGIS database
  2. Server application based on ArcGIS Server – GIS data management (vector and raster), user and data access management.
  3. WebGIS browser – presentation of maps and data
  4. Terrain measurement module – definition of measurements on the central server, mobile application for performing terrain measurements, sending measurements to the server and presentation of results
  5. GIS analysis – stand growth models, analysis of wood flows

The Project “Creation of a forestry information system in the scope of monitoring and assessing the state of the forest for the Sudetes and Western Beskids”, realised by Zakład Informatyki i Modelowania IBL, was nominated for an international award for outstanding achievements in the field of spatial information systems (Spatial Achievement in GIS 2014).

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