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tMap is an easy to use measuring application, with an advanced functionality. The program has been designed for the Android operating system and can be used on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices (handheld).
tMap guarantees a precise and accurate measurements made manually, by using a laser rangefinder or GPS.
tMap gives you an ability to share your projects with co-workers. Thanks to that, the work will be even more efficient and pleasant.
tMap is all your data on one device. This is going into the field without a paper map sheets. This is data transferred in seconds to your computer.
tMap is working in all conditions. Working offline module will allow you to download base maps directly to your device and use them when you are not connected to the Internet.
tMap is your way to work in the field!


The application can work with geometric vector layers (shapefile, DXF), raster images and maps available on-line (WMS, TMS, WMTS). The program supports reference systems from around the world.

If you need to work offline, you can use both vector and raster data stored on the device and cached fragments of online maps.

A unique feature of the application is connecting to tCloud, which is the source of vector OSM data. It can be downloaded to the device and used as background map in offline mode.

Vector data can be presented on the map in a powerful way: the user can define styles for points, lines, polygons and labels. Objects can be classified according to attribute values.

In addition data can be searched and filtered in the attribute table.


The program works with a variety of GPS receivers:


Survey layers can be defined by the user. During the fieldwork, geometric data (coordinates of objects: pointed on the map, obtained from the GPS receiver or from a laser rangefinder) and attribute data are collected. Additional multimedia can be assigned for each object: photos, videos and audio.

Data sharing

Map projects and survey data can be exchanged and synchronized between users in various ways: locally (file sharing, Bluetooth) and remotely (e-mail, Dropbox). When you work in a group, it is possible to define maps and survey layers on one device, send them to other users, and then collect and synchronize all the survey data in one place.







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