TruPulse 360B

TruPulse 360B rangefinder is a simple to use tool in the form of a telescopic viewfinder with a built-in rangefinder adapted to work in the field, allowing fast and simple measurements.

Operation and access to all settings takes place via only three buttons. Measuring the distance to an object is done by pointing the viewfinder at the target, which is helped by the crosshairs located inside the scope and pressing the button. The result is displayed immediately after performing the measurement in the built-in LCD display. The measured distance is given with an accuracy of 30 cm or 1 m depending on the conditions of the measurement, clarity of the target and visibility. You can transfer data to a data collection device via Bluetooth. The user is constantly informed about the resulting distance. In favourable conditions the range of the rangefinder is up to 1200m, while the minimum distance is 500m to targets that disperse the laser, such as trees and bushes.
Thanks to the rangefinder, which enables offset measurements, it is possible to remotely set the coordinates of objects found in the vicinity of high buildings or dense canopy of trees with high accuracy. Just stand with the GNSS device in a convenient place for satellite measurements and by pushing one button on the rangefinder you can locate all objects found in places where GNSS is impossible or more difficult.
The rangefinder is recommended for use with Trimble palmtops and Android smartphones in which mLas Engineer or tMap applications are installed.

Technical data:

12 cm x 5 cm x 9 cm
220 g
Power supply
2 batteries (AA)
Class of laser
1 FDA (safe)
Environmental durability
NEMA 3, IP54
Operating temperature
from -20°C to +60°C
LCD in the rangefinder
Tripod fitting
¼” - 20 female thread
Slope distance, azimuth, horizontal distance, elevation, missing line routine, height of distant object
Measurement mode
standard, continuous, to the nearest object,
to the furthest object, to reflective foil (filter required)
max. 1200 m
to 30 cm, inclination to ¼º, azimuth - to 1º
Standard accessories
Carrying case, user manual, 2 AA batteries,
wrist strap
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