Training on-line

To connect with us on-line, please click on the link below approx. 10 minutes before the start of the broadcast and log on using your name.

Training on-line is a new product in our offer. Thanks to the new medium we can reach our clients regardless of the distance.

Training on-line are conducted as presentations and training.


Presentations last approx. 15-30 minutes and concern new products of TAXUS IT, solutions of common problems, or subjects suggested by you, and will always be free. After every meeting we invite you to a discussion in which we answer your questions and dispel any doubts.


This form will reflect the full classroom training in terms of material and subject matter. All educational materials will be sent by e-mail or traditional post. After completing the training, each participant will receive a certificate. Prices of individual courses will be lower than the traditional form of classes.

During the training on-line we expect the active participation of those who take part, so feel free to comment and ask questions. Our training on-line are also available to watch after the date of the event - you will find them in the archive on-line training.
Training on-line will be hosted by Michał Brzoznowski and Bartłomiej Krześlak. The subject and dates of each meeting will be found both in the newsletters and in the news section of our website.

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