Zebra RW420

Thermal printer fully compatible with software installed in every forestry handheld.

Has an enlarged LCD display which significantly increases user comfort. Created with work in difficult field conditions in mind, thanks to which it can be used in temperatures from -20 to +55ºC without any problems. The special protective elements fitted in the casing make it highly resistant to drops, thanks to which every forester can use it in the forest without fear. A confirmation of its high resistance is the IP54 certificate, which signifies protection against dust and water spray from all directions. The device has been equipped with a lithium-ion battery, which ensures the printer a long operating time without the need for frequent re-charging. Results of the tests carried out in our firm confirm that a fully charged battery will allow a forester to use the device for a full working week (depending on the intensity of printing).

Technical data:

Print method Direct thermal
Resolution 8 dots/mm (203 dpi)
Printing speed 76.2 mm per second
Max. print width 104 mm
Max. print length Continuous printing
Max. dimensions of roll Ø external. 57 mm on core of Ø external. 19 mm or 34.9
Dimensions (width / height / depth) 160 / 175 / 76 mm
Weight 907 g
Operating temperature -20°C to 55°C
Software language CPCL and emulation ZPL and EPL
Memory 8 MB SRAM / 4 MB Flash
Display 4 button angled LCD
Interfaces Bluetooth 1.2, supports USB 2.0 Full Speed, 12 Mb/sRS-232, RJ-45 10-pin cable connector
XON/XOFF or hardware flow control (RTS/CTS)
Power supply 2.0 Ah, 7.4 V battery
IP protection class IP 54, internal element protecting against shock
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