mLas Inżynier Pro

mLas Inżynier Pro is a program created for advanced users who need insight into forest data connected to the Forest Numeric Map in their daily work.

New features:

Forest data available here and now

The program enables users to search quickly for forest sub-compartments and a preview of forest taxation descriptions. What is more, mLas Inżynier Pro gives users a possibility to display a wide scope of data connected to forest management: timber cruise, plans projects, accepted plans, orders and specifications, timber warehouse, and a summary of all done activities. Searching for and going through essential information is easier thanks to well-developed filtering mechanisms and in-built default filters. Among them, there are filters connected to plans, timber register and taxation description. The latest version of the program enables users to update dynamically changing data without a necessity to change the whole project.

Thematic and user’s maps

The application holds a series of in-built thematic maps connected to the forest management system (wood stand map, cutting map etc.) and fire protection (fire protection map). Additionally, a user can use a cadastral map and maps with external layers (the map of Poland - UMP-pcPL).
Users can also create their own maps by using vector and raster layers, and WMS services. Users can modify the order of displayed layers, their visibility and symbolization. As a result, everyone can create and adjust maps to their needs on the basis of personalized layers.

Field measurements

The program is also created for people who take various field measurements by using GPS receivers (in built or external) and laser rangefinders. It is possible to combine different measuring techniques and set boundaries of complex shape objects.
To meet the needs of advanced users, mLas Inżynier enables users to prepare their own measuring sessions. It is possible to define essential measuring layers with a list of attributes before starting field measurements.
What is more, it is possible to share a user’s localization or a localization of an event by using one of the methods (SMS, electronic message etc.)

Quick and easy way to register notes in the field

mLas Inżynier Pro enables users to register notes made during control in the field. Creating notes is easier than in the previous versions of application thanks to a drop-down list and a possibility to edit text without comments. After making notes, a user can display, filter and save results as a protocol in MS Excel format. It is possible to move a report generated this way to a PC by many different ways (electronic mail, Bluetooth etc.) and proceed working on this. Working on the result of in the field control has never been so easy before.



mLas Inżynier Pro 7

minimum requirements recomended device
    • Android 6.x

    • Processor: 2 core 1,2 GHz

    • Screen: 4 cale

    • RAM: 2 GB

    • Internal storage: 8 GB

    • Internet access (during registration)


recommended requirements  
    • Android 7.x

    • Processor: 6 core 1,8 GHz

    • Screen: 5 cale

    • RAM: 4 GB

    • Internal storage: 32 GB

    • Internet access

    • Built-in GNSS module

    • Bluetooth



wybór odpowiedniej wersji

Pomożemy Ci wybrać między mLas Inżynierem Lite oraz Pro.

moduł wymiany zaleceń

Możliwa jest wymiana informacji między użytownikami mLas Inżyniera Lite i Pro
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