mLas mini

The mLas mini application for mobile devices with Android is a program created and used for working with the numerical map of the State Forests.

It is used to browse and display forest and geometric data. What is more, it allows a user to make basic measurements. The program displays mLas Inzynier [Engineer] projects or creates projects from files of derivative layers. The numerical map of the State Forests can be displayed in the background of an orthophotomap, topographical map, or a UMP-pcPL map (with OpenStreetMap data and the Numerical Model of Terrain).

The newest version of the application: mLas mini 2.0 has been upgraded, additional functions and tools have been added to it.

New functions in mLas mini:

Now, you can upgrade mLas mini application to 2.0 version and use better versions of orthophotomap and topographical map. Due to the modernization of Geoportal, the newest version of mLas mini is equipped with map backgrounds from the current Geoportal 2.

Functionalities of the application:

Minimum requirements:

• Android system: 4.0.3 (API 15)
• Built-in memory or a memory card
• Screen: 4”
• Resolution: 480x800

GPS localisation:

built-in GPS receiver
external GPS receiver via Bluetooth

Application uses map data available from the following external services:

Map -

Map UMP-pcPL -

Numerical model of terrain -


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